Road Cycling

Road cycling for the lovers of drop bar bikes that want to discover Spain

Our road cycling tours can be adapted to your needs. We operate all over Spain and can offer from a guided solution to only facilitating all the logistics by supplying a support vehicle and driver to accompany the group. 

If you cannot bring your own bike from home we can rent you a good carbon or aluminim bike and if you bring your bike we can take care of your bike case through out your stay.

In Spain there is an extremelly rich network of tarmac roads in very good condition. Most of these roads are nearly emply of cars and are perfect for road cycling. 

Spain has three other characterictics that make it perfect for road cycling lovers: The climate, the mountains and the touristic infrastructure.

We enjoy sun most of the year and the different climates within Spain allow us to offer good cycling conditions throughout the year. In the summer one can cycle in pleasant temperatures in the north of Spain while in spring and autumn one can cycle in the South of Spain, Andalucía, Extramadura, etc. Even in the deepest of winters one can still enjoy drop bar cycling in the Canary Islands or in Almería.

Spain is a very mountanous country and this is something that, while it can be a problem for leisure cyclists, is a plus for road cyclists. You can enjoy many of the legendary climbs that the pros do in areas like the Pirinees, the Picos de Europa, Sierra Nevada or the Sierra de Guadarrama. 

Finally, Spain has a great offer to complement the sport of road cycling. So many cultural citys and great hotels and good restaurants that make a perfect complement either for the family that might not cycle but come with you to Spain or for the time that is not spend on top of a saddle.

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